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Pension Knoll

Whoever enters the boardinghouse Knoll doesn’t suspect that this house has been a "home" for holiday guests for already 40 years

In 1970 Mary Knoll the "senior chief" opened the house for her first guests who visited the region for their summer retreats.  Because of her personal commitment, her esteemed culinary skills and the funny social get-togethers in the evenings, she could gain many regular guests.     

In 1994 the boardinghouse was passed to the next generation of Eva and Hans Knoll. Since that time it has been conducted by Eva Knoll. With many new ideas, contemporary changes in the equipment and in the design we have managed to create a tasteful ambience which meets the needs of our guests of this day and age.

As a result the boardinghouse got a special award in 2006. Since then it has been a 4-star business. Our aim is - apart from hospitality –  to offer our guests appropriate comfort with ambience.

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